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The Glanmire Medical Centre is a family practice which has come a long way since it was established by Dr Grufferty in Sallybrook

  • Insurance Medicals & Medical-Legal Reports

    Insurance Medicals & Medical-Legal Reports

    Our Doctors do PMA’s (Private Medical Attendant’s reports), and perform Full Medicals required for all insurance companies. In the case of most PMA’s, you may not have to attend the surgery; forms are completed using your medical records. In the case…

  • 24 Hr Blood Pressure Monitor

    24 Hr Blood Pressure Monitor

    What is an ambulatory blood pressure monitor? An ambulatory blood pressure monitor records your blood pressure at regular intervals over a 24 hour period. “Ambulatory” just refers to the fact that you can walk around and perform all your normal activities during…

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

  • Mirena removal & insertion

    Mirena removal & insertion

  • Vaccinations


    Travel Vaccinations We carry a stock of routine travel vaccinations including, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Rabies and Yellow Fever.  If you are going to travel abroad we recommend that you arrange to see the doctor well…

  • Travel Health

    Travel Health

  • Maternity Services

    Maternity Services

    We offer our patients the option of participation in the Combined Ante-Natal Care Scheme- where your obstetrician and the Doctors here at Glanmire Medical Centre would see you for alternate visits for you throughout your pregnancy. These visits are free for all women…

  • Pre-Employment Medical

    Pre-Employment Medical

  • Minor Surgery

    Minor Surgery

    Dr. Tadg Grufferty has a particular interest in minor Surgical Procedures. Procedures performed by Dr. Grufferty include; Removal of Ingrown Toe Nail Cortisone Injection (Corticosteroid Injection) of Soft Tissues and Joints – Cortisone injections can offer fast-acting relief of inflamed joints, tendons, and bursa. When…