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Digital Dermatoscopy imaging is used in the early detection of Melanoma and other skin cancers. Images of skin lesions are taken by the doctor, if a lesion is immediately suspicious it will be removed by Dr. Grufferty and sent off for histological diagnoses. Every mole and skin lesion on your entire body can be examined using a Dermatascope. This is a device with polarized and non-polarized light and a magnifying glass that allows viewing of intricate structures. 

Dr. Tadg Grufferty has completed a course in Dermoscopy from Cardiff University. This enables himto diagnose Skin cancer and other skin lesions at a very early stage . The technique of dermoscopy is simple and painless.

The Process

When looking through the dermatoscope this is what each mole looks like.

moles through a dermatoscope

A suspicious looking mole is noted and the Mole Mate Imaging System is used to photograph the mole

moles sciascopy


After the images are analysed, you will be immediately informed if:

  1. lesion looks benign and the patient is reassured
  2. If a lesion is immediately suspicious as it may be skin cancer, it will be removed by Dr. Grufferty and sent off for histological diagnoses.
  3. lesion needs to be re-photographed in 3 months for comparison

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