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Cervical Check Smear

Cervical Check Smear

CervicalCheck (The National Cervical Screening Programme) provides free regular smear tests to women aged 25 to 60 if you’re in the age range, take advantage of this free service.

A smear test is a quick and simple procedure and is the most effective way to detect pre-cancerous changes in the cells of the cervix. It’s reassuring to know that CervicalCheck look for early changes to cells that could one day become cancerous. If changes are found earlier they can be treated, making cervical cancer a truly preventable cancer.

You should check www.cervicalcheck.ie to make sure that you are eligible for a free smear before booking an appointment with us.  If you have ant questions Freephone CervicalCheck at 1800 45 45 55 or else call us at 021 4821280. Please bring your invitation, ICSP number or PPS Number with you to your appointment.

Please contact reception for more information and to make an appointment.

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