Children's Health

Children’s Health

Child Health & Development

We take child health and development seriously. Our doctors have worked in paediatrics during the hospital part of their training as well as while training in general practice.

As parents themselves the doctors understand the concerns parents or guardians have about their children and know what it is like to be woken up at night by a sick child.

Sick Children

We think it is important that if you are really worried about a sick child that you can get medical advice and or attention swiftly. If for some reason you feel that the appointment is not soon enough, then please mention it to the secretaries who will then get one of the doctors to phone you back urgently.

If your child has a rash that you think may be contagious let the secretaries know so that they can put you in a spare room when you arrive to avoid the risk of transmitting any infection. Your child will be seen much more quickly if you bring them to the surgery rather than waiting for a house call.

The policy of the doctors is to reserve house calls for the housebound, elderly or very sick. Children can be safely brought to the surgery in nearly all cases.

Growth and development

The growth and development of children is just as important as treating their coughs and colds and other illnesses. A child’s growth should follow a normal pattern over time and these normal patterns, or growth curves, as they are called are contained in tables and graphs.

Children of the same age obviously vary in height and weight but if you think your child is growing too slowly or is getting too heavy or you are concerned in any way then book a routine appointment with one of the doctors. Your child will be examined and the measurements checked to determine whether there is anything wrong or whether it is within the expected range of normality.

Tables also exist for a child’s development of social, speech and so called motor skills (sitting, walking, jumping etc) and also for pubertal development. If you have any concerns in these areas, again make an appointment to see one of the doctors.

Emotional /Behavioural/Psychological problems

Some children may show emotional, behavioural or psychological problems as they grow up. These can occur at any age and range from things like sleep problems and tantrums to hyperactivity or autism or depression. Such problems are not only difficult for the child but are extremely stressful for parents or guardians.

If you are struggling with difficulties such as these then again feel free to make an appointment. Sometimes doctors find it is useful to speak to the parent without the child being in the room particularly when the child is a bit older so you may like to come alone or with your spouse/partner to the first appointment.