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Covid Booster Programme

Glanmire Medical centre will prioritise the covid vaccine booster rollout for the next 4 weeks as instructed by HSE to curb the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment on 0214821280. The following criteria applies to qualify for this vaccine programme.

You must:

  • be a registered patient of Glanmire Medical Centre
  • Over 16 years of age
  • Three months or over since your last covid vaccination

We will prioritise patients with underlying medical conditions and patients over 40 initially.

If you are fully vaccinated and had Covid 19, you need to wait until you have been 6 months since your covid 19 infection to receive a booster dose.

If you only go the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and developed Covid 19 infection you can have a second dose but not a booster four weeks after your Covid 19 infection.

If you are over 16 and have not yet received a vaccine or are due a second dose, you can still book an appointment

Over the next 4 weeks we will continue to see patients prioritising urgent cases only. Routine check-ups will be deferred until the middle of January 2022. Thank in advance for your patience and understanding.


COVID-19 update

We hope that everyone is keeping well during this difficult time. It’s important to follow the guidelines set out by the HSE and the Department of Health

Please dont be afraid to contact us for Non-Covid19 related visits. You can call us on 021 4821280 to arrange an appointment with one of our doctors.
Our doors are locked to protect against spread of Covid19, but we are still open for limited routine appointments from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by phone and sent directly to Phelans pharmacy and Pharmacy First Plus

We can also submit your Social welfare Certificates online. Contact the surgery if you require a social welfare certificate.

Thank your patience and support, keep safe!


COVID Booster Programme update December 20th

The HSE have now informed us that our next delivery of vaccines will be both Moderna and Pfizer.

Moderna is to be administered to those aged 30 and over.

Pfizer is to be administered to those aged under 30.

This instruction is regardless of underline conditions or any other cohort groups.

Both vaccinations are mRNA and are affective against the current strains.

You can get these vaccines even if you got a different type vaccine in your primary course of vaccinations (AstraZeneca, Janssen, Pfizer or Moderna)

The current recommendation is that you can now receive your booster 3 months from your last vaccination.


Closed Tuesday December 7th 2021

Due to the Red Level Weather warning for tomorrow, Glanmire Medical Centre will be closed all day (December 7th). It would not be safe for patients or our staff to travel to the surgery. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but its for everyone’s safety. If you require urgent medical care please call 999. Stay safe and we will see you Wednesday.


Thursday 1st March – The Medical Centre is closed

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A Status Red Weather Warning is still in place. Glanmire Medical Centre will remain closed all day today. In the event of an emergency please call 999 or if possible attend your nearest Emergency Department for medical emergencies. Alternatively South Doc will be on duty for out of hours after 6pm this evening 1850 335 999
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Mercy University Hospital

Mercy Urgent Care Centre

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Weather Warning for Munster – Wednesday 28 March 2018

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The Medical Centre is closed for routine appointments on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of March due to the Status Red warning in place. This is for the patients and staff safety as extreme weather is expected.

For medical emergencies please attend your nearest Emergency Department or contact Southdoc after 6pm on 1850 335 999

Dr. Grufferty will to attend the surgery on Thursday morning from 10am to 12pm for emergencies only

We apologies for any inconvenience caused. We will open for business as soon as the weather improves. Stay Safe and please avoid travel unless completely necessary.


Participation of Provision of Services to under 6 year olds

Participation of Provision of Services to under 6 year olds

We are participating in the provision of services pursuant to the Health (General Practitioner Service) Act 2014 (under 6 years olds). From 1 July 2015, children under the age of 6 are entitled to free visits to GPs that are taking part in the scheme. Children can be registered from 15 June 2015 to get a GP visit card for children under 6. In addition to free GP visits, the card covers specific assessments at age 2 and 5 and care for children with asthma. If your child or children have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card they will automatically be registered for this new scheme.

How to apply

If you have any questions before registering, you can phone Lo-call 1890 252 919.

Click here to apply for under 6s scheme

To register, you need:

  • Your PPS Number
  • The PPS Number of each child
  • GP Visit Card Under 6s Registration From
  • Your choice of participating GP from this practice

More information with regard to registration and how this scheme works can be found on HSE website




Mouth Cancer Awareness Day

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2014 takes place tomorrow. There will be “Free mouth cancer examinations” this Wednesday, September 17th between 2pm to 4pm at Crestfield Dental Practice, located upstairs in Glanmire Medical Centre Mouth cancer examinations are quick and painless. Please consult your dentist or GP about a mouth cancer examination – taking 10 minutes that could save your life